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International Union Young Accountants

IUYA is an association that was born in August 2020 with the aim of strengthening the bonds of friendship and solidarity among the Young Chartered Accountants and Professionals who carry out the equivalent profession abroad, and who operate internationally, to study the problems of the category, in Italy and abroad, to favor the interaction between Italian chartered accountants and foreign counterparts with the aim of identifying privileged channels for those who want to face the internationalization process.

IUYA, also through conferences, seminars, training courses and various kinds of initiatives, aims to train the "young international chartered accountant".

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We are IUYA.

And we will accomplish something great together with you.

We believe we are an association that does things differently. Not because we say so, but because we work hard to be like this. We dedicate our time to create opportunities that each member can seize and develop in order to overcome any challenge that internationalization offers us.


Our Mission is to create and strengthen professional ties, of solidarity between young Italian chartered accountants and their counterparts abroad and in general between those who operate or want to operate internationally.

IUYA, aims to equip all those who intend to act internationally with adequate tools to support and guide entrepreneurial realities that wish to interact and grow within international markets. In order to achieve this objective, members will be provided with a specific information and cultural background, also encouraging the knowledge of the existing tools to favor the internationalization processes, made available by the various institutional actors already active in the field for some time.

The organization of specific training events will allow associates to become real experts in internationalization, especially providing younger colleagues with the opportunity to identify a new area in which to specialize.

We are IUYA, we think big and strive every day to achieve ever greater goals.

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